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Stand with Nature.
When you choose Porlite, not only do you choose the color and comfort of the fabric, you demonstrate your commitment to the environment and a connection with nature.
Eco Issue
We need environmental actions without further delay. The worldwide green wave, directly and indirectly, generates great demands for eco-friendly products. Eco textiles are emerging from a new wave top a mainstream in the industry. Functional Fabric & Eco Issue Functional fabrics often use materials or agents containing PFCs for good waterproof performance. The most famous is the PTFE membrane. Most of the outdoor brands no longer use PTFE fabrics now. Because PTFE is almost made by PFCs, which are difficult to decompose. PFCs can remain in the environment for hundreds of years, and spread to the world. This substance can be found in mountain lakes, and can also accumulate in the liver of polar bears and human blood. Research on animals has shown that some PFCs cause harm to reproduction, promote the growth of tumors, and affect the hormone system. Researchers are finding serious health concerns about PFCs, including the increased risk of some cancers. Greenpeacetracks and reports about PFCs issue regularly. The purpose is to make more people notice the connection between their clothes and the environment. It is time to discard materials that are harmful to the environment and make a better choice. We believe if everything can eventually return to the earth without burden, the meaning of sustainability will be truly realized. Porlite emphasizes environmental protection from production to disposal. Polypropylene, the main material of Porlite membrane, is made up of carbon and hydrogen molecules. It is burnable with very low environmental impact and meets the standards on environmentally friendly in terms of saving energy and non-toxic emission. After all, Porlite creates no harm to human bodies and the earth. Porlite membrane uses low-temperature production and solvent-free laminating, which saves 40% of energy compared with the previous 3-layer fabric. The feature of easy coloring reduces the time and temperature of dyeing, not only saving energy but saving 50% of water.
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Eco Issue
About us
Hwafune Is One Of Taiwan’s Leading Manufacturers Of Innovative And Functional Fabrics. We Are Specialised In Functional Synthetic Fabric With Coating And Lamination As 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L In Hydrophilic & Microporous And Compound Finishing.